Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pottery Trip

For anyone who loves pottery and has not made the short and beautiful trek to Seagrove, NC, go now.
Put down your watering hose, laptop or what ever distraction keeps you at home and get into your mode of transportation and go. 
I just returned, it was only for a day because I want to make this a regular thing.  There are over 100 potters in this quaint rural setting and to try and whip through it in one or two days would be a shame, but if you want a nice day or so trip this is a super choice.
The first stop as you hop on 220 was A.R. Britt Pottery, I purchased the coolest egg cooker, I should have bought several, so see I have to go back.  I had a great time talking shop with these guys for an hour or more and really got to know the town.
Then off to several more potteries, I especially enjoyed Village Pottery.  They carry a huge selecion of potters from areas all over and Melanie, the owner was most delightful.
Next was Kings Pottery, unfortunatley I arrived after hours, but I still got out and meandered around the gardens, which in itself was so cool.  They have metal art pieces made from recycled farm and garden tools placed in the flower beds and along the splitrail fence that leads you up to a cozy porch.  What really struck me were the hand made quilts that were laid out on the benches along the front porch.  I can only quess why they were there, but what ever the reason, it made me feel comfortable and welcome.
So, now that I have returned  home and I am motivated to get into the studio and get crackin'
I will keep you posted on my progress!!

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