Monday, June 21, 2010

New work

I have fallen in love with a new clay!!!  Thanks to Brian Nettles  ( who was a potter doing a workshop at the Alabama Clay conference this year and he said he used this B Mix clay, his work is extraodinary so I gave the new clay a shot..........whoa, I had no idea clay could make such impact on ones creative level!
The photo is deceivingly small, the jar with the lid stands 8" tall and soooooooo soft to the touch, the vase with the tree actually stands about 5" tall.  I hope to have them perfected and up for sale soon.  A few more pics to see what glazes I have been playing with...

Since I work in  Gamecock Country I will call this one "Cocky Coffee" .  If you aren't familiar with the gamecocks, 1 shame on you and 2 you just wont understand the colors on this mug!

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