Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the plan continues.....

OK, so where was I, oh yeah the plan.   So, here I have wet clay, hot metal and green plants, what can I do with all of this, not absolutley sure.   I currently sell pottery on etsy ( thismuds4u.etsy.com and of course the shop below) my metal work is in its infancy so I don't really promote it, although I have made one sign for a business in town (pictured above) and have been commissioned to do another, not bad for a newbie.  And, the plants, I sell those from my home at the yearly Art in the Yard sale and the new shop I helped start in town.   Someone one told me to never put all of your eggs in one basket, I wonder if you can apply this concept toward work.....have several jobs and only have one in the basket at a time........any feed back?

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  1. Hi Penny!
    Hope things are progressing with "MoM". I need to get in touch with you about giving you some items for the store. If you have time, please email or call me Work - 781-1930, pskipper@martinengineeringsc.com). I know you'd love to stop by the barn & cabooses!